About Us

Servitel Communications is an Australian and New Zealand Information Communication Technology (ICT) innovator specializing in business solutions delivered from hosted cloud infrastructure.

Servitel’s core products and services now focus on providing Cloud Solutions (voice & data). Servitel specializes in the seamless integration of ERP and CRM applications with Contact Centre operations. Our strategic partners are global leaders in their fields such as Mitel, VMware and Fortinet, and this allows Servitel to provide the highest level of service, security and resiliency throughout our entire Cloud environment.

Servitel’s infrastructure (data centres, contact centres and skilled employees) are located in both Australia and New Zealand. This affords Servitel with the ability to look after their customer’s local needs whilst also providing full redundancy in Australia and NZ.

Servitel’s key business strategies are to provide solutions that better serve their customers’ needs, to reduce capital expenditure and improve communication efficiency. Servitel Communications, keeping you connected.

Why Choose Servitel Communications?


We deliver a state of the art ICT system from the cloud for small to medium sized businesses.

At Servitel, we provide a service that the larger players can’t match: a personalised service and a better price using the latest technology.

With Servitel you have

  • No servers to manage
  • No equipment leases every time you upgrade
  • Transnational Redundancy
  • Extensive Carrier network access
  • Access to world leading ICT infrastructure



Why are business executives moving their environment to the Cloud?


Maintaining an in-house system requires purchasing servers and storage, upgrading software and lengthy installation timeframes. It also puts companies at the mercy of the experience and availability of their IT staff or contractors. Business expansion is also limited by lack of scalability and the burden of constant investment in IT infrastructure.


Continuous in-house maintenance and the hassle of upgrading every few years does not make good business sense. By contrast, moving to Servitel’s Cloud service allows management to focus on core business activities.