Cloud Solutions

Cloud Services

Business today demands flexibility, efficiency and simplicity. Moving to the Cloud takes the complexity out of your business communication requirements, allowing the team to work wherever and whenever they need to. This means your business can work smarter and more economically.


A Communication and Collaboration platform, delivered to you, no matter where you are. Increase your customers’ satisfaction by keeping connected.

MiContact Centre

An enterprise grade, multi-channelled customer experience putting your clients first and converting your business into a customer centric organization.


Wireless as a service allows you to expand your network at a low cost while maintaining high security standards. Customising your wireless experience to each department or guests’ needs is just the start of what can be done.

Conference Bridges

To be able to speak, see and work with your colleagues and customers wherever they are is crucial for collaboration to happen within any business

Security Services

Security Services

Cyber Security and Meta-Data is a global concern. No matter what size your business is, protection of your assets, your network, your information and most importantly, your customer’s information must be taken seriously.

Fortinet AntiSpam – AntiVirus Mail Filter

Email is the easiest way a malicious attack can happen to your business. Stop Spam, Phishing and Trojan emails before they reach your network.

Fortinet Web Filter

Unprotected web applications are a hacker’s delight and vulnerable to a number of attacks. Fortinet’s FortiWeb removes these vulnerabilities

Cyber Threat Assessment Services

How well do you know your network security? Constantly evolving networks can struggle to be ahead of persistent threats. A Cyber Threat Assessment can help

Broadband Services

Broadband Services

Servitel has partnered with Australian and New Zealand leading data providers to deliver reliable, fast and high data access.

Global M2M

Mobility is critical to business. To be connected no matter what part of the world you are in, is just as critical

Toll Free

A single number for calls to connect your customers to you.

Other Services

Web Applications

Being accessible to your customers in a world of multimedia can be a challenge. Servitel’s team can help design, develop and launch your application to reach everyone

Co-Location Services

Secure Data Centres in multiple locations offers reliability, resiliency and redundancy for your business.