Telephony as a Service

Telephony as a Service

The Servitel Telephony as a Service is a complete, fully featured PBX for small, medium and large enterprises but in the cloud it becomes an innovative pay-as-you grow service.

No matter what type of business you are – a big business or a SME, and where you work from – your home-office, or a virtual office, having a hosted PBX means flexibility, cost reduction and effective communications, without the expense of buying and maintaining your own phone system, software or even hardware. We provide the internet access, wide area network, SiP trunking and 0800/0508 services to complete an end to end service.

Wireless as a Service

Wireless as a Service

Providing an ever demanding network, which can adapt to multiple devices and requirements, is a challenge for all businesses whether you are a SME, large enterprise or government.
Servitel Wireless as a Service delivers a flexible, high capacity network and airtime fairness for all of your end users, without the expense of extensive cabling or network maintenance.
We provide the internet access, the wide area network, personal firewalls and policies with a pay-as-you-grow service.
Servitel are also partners of Meru Wireless Networks and can tailor a package to suit your business.

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

Delivering an Infrastructure As A Service allows small, medium and enterprise businesses the ability to adapt to their needs quickly, effectively and at a low cost.

The workforce today, is more mobile, more resource specific with more devices. Virtualising your workspace allows you to access your desktop, your applications, your services and your files from anywhere with any device while maintain policies and security.

With a Pay-As-You-Grow service, your business will be able to expand, cost effectively.

Hosted Contact Centre

Contact Centre as a Service

Servitel’s Hosted Contact Centre (HCC) is a full-featured, web-based solution that allows you to communicate and interact with customers through either a complete cloud IP delivered service or via your existing telephone system. 
HCC allows you to manage customer interactions across multiple channels – voice, email, and web chat.
Servitel HCC is a flexible, customisable, and scalable solution with low setup and operating costs. 
With HCC’s flexible and comprehensive features, you can cost effectively improve the quality and efficiency of every customer interaction.

Voice and Data Carriage

Voice and Data Carriage 

Forming an Enterprise Partnership with Telstra and a Wholesale Partner with Kordia, allows Servitel to provide the best solution in voice and data for your business, be it SME, Enterprise or Government.

These partnerships allows Servitel to provide a full range network connections including SIP, Business Broadband, Next IP and Telstra’s mobile network.

As a Kordia wholesaler in New Zealand, Servitel specializes in packaging up network carriage optimization.

Servitel have the experience, and ability to offer a range of competitively priced carriage services.



Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Information is now coming through faster, in greater volume and through a variety of different tools. This is inhibiting a businesses’ productivity where it should be enhancing it.

Unified Communication (UC) addresses this problem by connecting people, information, and remote workers, helping to enable effective communication and collaborative experiences in real time.

UC is the convergence of all forms of audio, video, Web, desktop and mobile communications on an IP network. It allows the integration of voice with video, presence, conferencing, and messaging, into an organization’s business processes and applications thereby improving collaboration.

Unified communications can form the basis of a competitive advantage through efficient knowledge sharing and collaboration. It enables people to communicate with each other at any time, anywhere and over any device. This can lead to benefits such as shorter sales and customer service cycles, time to market and a greater ability to adapt to market changes. Through great communication, collaboration and integration, innovation is only a step away.

Here are some examples of the benefits it can have on your organization:

· Connect co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers with the expertise they need, anywhere they are;

· Facilitate better team interactions;

· Make mobile devices extensions of the corporate network;

· Easily access and share video anywhere, whenever it is needed.

Servitel provides a full range of Unified Communications solutions including:

· video conferencing from your PC, iPad or iPhone

· Presence – let your colleagues know when you are available

· Mobile Client – mobile calls at the cost of local calls

· Microsoft UC intergration

· One Number – one number to rule them all, to reach you on your desk phone, mobile or soft phone

· ….and more